Heather is a transformational healer, mentor, spiritual teacher, mystic, and artist.   While based in Sarasota Florida, she meets with clients locally, nationally, and internationally.   Drawing on years of personal practice, lifelong learning with a multitude of teachers, and learning within communities across different cultures and religions, she works to assist others in understanding their true nature, releasing limiting beliefs, connecting with spirit, and healing themselves.

In addition to practicing the ancient healing traditions of Shamanism, Heather is an attuned Reiki master, minister, dakini, and ceremonial priestess.  Her studies have included work in many different belief systems and religions supporting her belief in an inclusive interconnectedness in all things.  Working with masters of Pagan, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Shamanic and indigenous belief systems, Heather appreciates the vast healing possibilities of body and spirit. Having refined her own intuition, clairvoyance, and healing skills, she cultivates empowerment in those she counsels and mentors.

Since early childhood, Heather has been gifted with a connection to Spirit and higher states of consciousness.  Her path has included multiple traumas and exceptional personal experiences that have provided her with a knowing and an ability to empathize with her clients.

Her vast range of channeled readings and divinely inspired ceremonies are catered to the needs of her clients and prove to be uplifting momentous experience. Working with Heather one on one in mentorship is a journey to restoring your true self.  The work may be difficult and challenging but with Heather’s unique guidance stepping into your highest potential will open into a life of limitless possibility.