Ritual is about bringing sacredness into our life and about honoring something greater than ourselves.

This can be done in our daily lives in many ways.

I am able to provide and instruct on many personalized rituals for many purposes.

In ceremony, we raise a particular intention in order to honor a significant and important ritual, event, or sacred observance.

In many cultures, ceremony is utilized to honor birthdays, coming of age, weddings, births, deaths, and the changing of the seasons.

I provide both legal and sacred ceremonial services. As a licensed minister recognized by the state of Florida and an attuned priestess, I am able to provide sacred order to your intention of ceremony.

Ceremonial and Sacred Ritual offerings I offer include but are not limited to:

  • Fire Ceremony and Ritual Temple Dance
  • Space Clearing and Annointing
  • New and Full Moon Ritual
  • Shamanic Circle
  • Handfastings/Union Declarations¬†
  • Right of Passage